The Health Captains are the first established format of SUENJHAID!

Since 2003, the Symposium and the Brainpool of the Health Captains of SUENJHAID! on the North Frisian Seafarers’ Island of Foehr have been taking place every year, always starting on the Thursday Ascension Day and always from this Ascension-Thursday to Sunday. We are following the historic role model of the private Foehr Non-for-Profit NAVIGATIONSCHOOLS of the 16th to 18th century which skilled more than 2,000 Captains from the North Frisian Islands of Foehr, Amrum and the Halligen. Now Health Sciences need Health Captains in the Leadership! We are looking for value-based Innovations beyond the Horizon; Value-based Healthcare is a strategic concept also SUENJHAID!`s Navigation Philosophy for the Future of Health Sciences is based on. The concept was developed by Michael Porter & Colleagues at Harvard Business School and has global impact and is focused outcome measurement: Delivering value to every patient, the hospital system, to the healthcare-system and to the whole society.


Michael Porter on “Value-based Health Care Delivery” – Part 1

Michael Porter on “Value-based Health Care Delivery” – Part 2

Jens Deerberg-Witram on “Value-based Healthcare outcome measurement – ICHOM”

The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (

Prior to this, The Health Captains meet with guests on Wednesday before Ascension Day as a jour fix in the Uebersee-Club at 1pm for the traditional asparagus lunch at the Hamburg Innercity Lake Binnenalster.

SUENJHAID! The Health Captains on the Island of Foehr is the combination of a Symposium, a Brainpool and a short soustainable Holiday on the north sea coast, which is why Partner & Family (0-99) are very warm welcome: wadding, horseback riding, sailing, surfing, golfing (27-hole golf course on Foehr), skating, cycling, fishing trips, island & hallighopping and cultural program (West Coast Art Collection and Dr-Haeberlin-Friesenmuseum Wyk on Foehr):

RÜM HAART, KLAAR KIMMING – „Fering“ – the local language of the Island of Foehr – the translation is: „A LARGE OPEN HEART AND A CLEAR HORIZON“ – This claim of the North Frisian Seafarers’ Island of Foehr leads our spirit high as Concerned Citizen and Health Sciences Professionals.

We have been able to expand the program from the Island of Foehr to the European Continent and the US, and the founding format SÜNJHAID! The Health Captains (Leadership) was expanded over the years by the need for two more brainpools: SÜNJHAID! The Health Trustees (Philanthropy) and SÜNJHAID! The Health Entrepreneurs (Sustainability). Please, just click the NAVIGATION-MENUE to get direct access to the details.


The Health Captains of SUENJHAID!