PhilosophyA Library is a spiritual home – for us the home of the soul of SUENJHAID!.

Therefore building one, the horizon of SUENJHAID! and beyond representing Presence Island Library with the focus on „conservation knowledge“ in e.g. leadership, society, the art of healing, health sciences, medicine, complementary medicine, history of medicine, history of navigation, biotec, genomics, philosophy, ethics, humanism, national economics, strategy, networking, health sciences management and entrepreneurship, medicine, art & music etc. as an 365 days open Island Library and Headquarter for the International Non-for-Profit Leadership Academy for Health Sciences on the Island of Foehr (after the blueprint of the historical private non-for-profit Navigation Schools of Foehr) is one of the central goals of SUENJHAID!, for an continuous discussion of “the health” as a whole by a visit to the Island of Foehr also outside the yearly “SUENJHAID!-Think-Tanks” in the days around Ascension – almost as the 365 days open “Club of Cos” on the Island of Foehr and to get closer to the goal of the establishment of the International Leadership Academy on Foehr.

Please support us and donate to make this vision and mission for future generations of Health Captains reality. Traveling on the Island of Foehr will give everybody the peace and the silence to reflect. This is the time and location to visit the Island Library to inhale a sustainable spirit.

Please give us your input to create also for a virtual SUENJHAID!-Library of English Books in the Internet first. Every kind of support is welcome.


Our “virtual library” includes the menue items:



This is where basic knowledge about the networking strategy of SUENJHAID! is published, in order to match the network principles with the words of the Founder of SUENJHAID! transparent for everybody.


The current SUENJHAID!-Programs of the Health Captains, the Health Trustees and the Health Entrepreneurs.


The SUENJHAID!-Archive since 2003


The SUENJHAID!-Canon creates the necessary horizon and background for the ongoing common discourse of the driving minds of our participants and speakers. Please give us some personal input which books you would recommend to collect for the english section.