The Focus of SUENJHAID! The Health Entrepreneurs is the cultivation and activation of a sustainable value-based entrepreneurship in health sciences business:

Think Tank and Network for the Future of Value-Based Health Entrepreneurship.

About the desire to be a Value-based Health Entrepreneur … call for Action – we are looking for:

Dynamic entrepreneurs“, Health Sciences Pioneers, New Technology Inventors and Company Inventors and for basic health sciences research support by value-based entrepreneuership.

Academic definition: Entrepreneurship refers to the exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities as well as the creative and designing part in the entrepreneurial process, or a phase of active entrepreneurial change, and on the other hand, a scientific discipline of business administration. The founding research is presented as an interdisciplinary research area.

SUENJHAID! promotes and disseminates the concept developed by Michael Porter and colleagues (e.g. Dr. Clemens Guth, MD, MBA and Dr. Jens Deerberg-Wittram, MD) at the Harvard Business School of “Value-based Healthcare“. The main incentive and driving economic force is the better outcome for the patient:

The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement”, is an example of one of the healthcare institutions The Health Entrepreneurs would like to support strategically and work together.

SUENJHAID! promotes “sustainable health entrepreneurship” and strong founder personalities, which act based on the “Value-based Healthcare Concept” of Porter & Colleagues, actively promote the impact of this concept and work with network partners together, such as, for example, „Der Club der Gesundheitswirtschaft“ and „Entscheiderfabrik“.

The Health Entrepreneurs are the latest format of SUENJHAID!.

Location: Living Gallery in Berlin-Mitte.


The Health  Entrepreneurs of SUENJHAID!


Sources for the „Value-based Healthcare Strategy“:

Michael Porter on “Value-based Health Care Delivery” – Part 1

Michael Porter on “Value-based Health Care Delivery” – Part 2

Jens Deerberg-Witram on “Value-based Healthcare outcome measurement – ICHOM”