The long-term goal of the SUENJHAID! Founder and Chairman Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet is the transfer of the vision, mission and spirit of SUENJHAID! – in particular the establishment of an International Leadership Academy for Health Sciences on the Island of Foehr, based on the example of the Foehr Navigation Schools with a multistakeholder Library on the Island of Foehr as SUENJHAID!-Headquarter – into a non-profit foundation in order to provide a long-term sustainable foundation for the implementation of these requirements.

Please contact the founder, if you would like to contribute to this task or to make a concrete contribution to the foundation.

Please donate your contribution, mentioning the purpose “SUENJHAID!” to the club account of the non-profit association RUENJHAID! Friends of the North Frisian Seafarer Islands Foehr and Amrum e.V .:

Deutsche Bank Private and Business Clients AG, Hamburg
IBAN: DE73 2007 0024 0504 3237 00

SUENJHAID! is an independent multiprofessional private initiative of “Health Sciences Business Professionals” and a cross-generational network. SUENJHAID! therefore does not charge any participation fees. The orientation-speakers support the vision, mission and spirit of SUENJHAID! without fee.

Donations are therefore voluntary, but nevertheless desirable and necessary. Each donation increases the possibilities of SUENJHAID! to implement its mission since 2003.