SUENJHAID! The Health Captains and „The RUENJHAID!-Club“ are planing together with partners a yearly Leadershipdinner as a charity event – The Health Captains Dinner – and starting in 2017 in favor of the “DEUTSCHE GESELLSCHAFT zur RETTUNG SCHIFFBRÜCHIGER – DGzRS e.V. (GERMAN SOCIETY FOR RESCUING SHIPMAN – DGzRS) in the „Kieler Yacht Club“.

The goal is that the Spirit and the Leadership of the DGzRS will jump over to those responsible leaders in the health care sector and that they will be motivated to donate for the outstanding work of the DGzRS.

Founded more than 150 years ago in Kiel, they are a role modele for SUENJHAID! – in particular the perception of a sovereign task and their taking responsibility to save lifes on the sea without any state support is a model for building an international non-for-profit leadership academy for health care and medicine on the old seafaring Island of Foehr.

Therefore SUENJHAID! – – and RUNJHAID! – – organize in partnership with partners this charity event in favor of the


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at the founding ground in Kiel in the traditional Kaisersaal of the Kiel Yacht Club

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The goal is an annual „Health Captains Dinner“ @ KYC for the leadership after the summer break as benefic dinner for the active and financial support of the work of the DGzRS.

Our goal is therfore that the leading personalities and institutions from the health sector are to be permanently networked with DGzRS, e.g. „Club der Gesundheitswirtschaft“ (, the „ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK“ ( and the clinical and scientific institutions for maritime medicine and maritime telemedicine, etc., for their own benefit.

The motto of the DGzRS: Get out of the harbour, when the others are coming into the harbour – to save lifes – YOUR „SEENOTRETTER“.

The motivation for SUENJHAID!:

  1. SUENJHAID! wants to strive for the model character and the leadership of the DGzRS.
  2. Promoting “profit with non-profit” as a role modele for imitation in Health Sciences Business.