SUENJHAID! The Health Trustees are focused on the cultivation and activation of a sustainable philanthropy in healthcare oriented to the benefit of a better measureable outcome for the patient:

Think-Tank and Network for the Future of Value-Based Philanthropy in Health Sciences.

Philanthropy means humanity or human friendliness and human love in this word, and is a core motivation of SUENJHAID!.

Philanthropy is affirmative, personal, value-based and universal – it is the sustained responsibility of successful entrepreneurs and privileged personalities, a component of leadership – and particularly important in the context of health and disease.

More than 1000 Health Sciences Foundations in Europe and USA alone are involved in the support of the patient and are requiring direct exchange with the entire healthcare industry and health sciences, because they have a common impact on the transformation and convergence of the healthcare sector through digitization and molecularisation together.

A closer relationship between the profit, non-profit and science sectors in the health care sector, which is focussed on the patient’s needs, helps all those leaders. New “silo-free” forms of cooperation based on equal goals (such as Value-based Healthcare & Precision Medicine & Regenerative Medicine) have a chance to be developed and cultivated here.

The Health Trustees – VALUE-BASED INNOVATIONS FOR THE PATIENT -, take care of this disruptive and superconvergence transformation of Health Sciences.

The Health Trustees are a sustainability initiative for the digital and molecular transformation of medicine to Precision Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Nanomedicine, Internetmedicine etc. at the interface between profit & non-profit in health sciences – donors & trusties, starting-up entrepreneurs and investors are addressed equally by this forum.

The Health Trustees are a multiprofessional and multistakeholder think-tank and network with a start-up slam in Berlin in conjunction with the Hoppegartner Health Panel and the ensuing family and Health Racing Day on the traditional horse race track Hoppegarten – Turf since 1868 –

The goal of the Health Racing Day is to respect the more than 300,000 employees in Berlin in health care and health industry and to say thank you to their families for their commitment to the wellbeing of the patients with the “Grand Prix de Health” infromt of 10.000 – 15.000 spectators toshow their respect to the professionals and their families. This Health Racing Day in Hoppegarten is devoted to the about 5 million health care employees in Germany.

The initiators: Gerhard Schoeningh, Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet, Peter Hoeck Domig, Heiko von Glahn, Dietrich von Mutius, Andreas Neue, Tini Countess Rothkirch, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Axel Ekkernkamp, Dr Georg Ralle, Alois Steidel, Andreas Zowislo, Claudia Dirks, Rainer Herzog, Dr. Thomas Hopfe, Lutz Hammerschlag, Dr. Rolf Porsche, Dr. Soeren Eichhorst, Cord Meyer, Karl Miserok and many other Health Trustees!