The Asparagus Lunch

It is a tradition for many years:

“The Asparagus Lunch” for Health Captains and Guests with a Lunchspeaker at the Uebersee-Club Hamburg at the “Binnenalster”, always on personal invitation on Wednesday before Ascension at 1 pm, so always directly before the SUENJHAID! Symposium starting on Ascension Day (Thursday-Sunday) on the Island of Foehr.


“The Asparagus Lunch” is a jour fix and meeting point, especially for SUENJHAID! Participants from home and abroad, after landing at Hamburg airport, on the way to the Island of Foehr. “The Asparagus Lunch” is also one of the first contacts to SUENJHAID for many guests and the starting point of many driving associations from Hamburg to Dagebüll Mole, the ferry port to Foehr and Amrum. As a result of the limited capacity of the Uebersee-Club, “The Asparagus Lunch” is limited to 44 participants. Please let us know if we have not asked you to do so. Address and route to the Übersee-Club:

Background to the asparagus lunch in the overseas club: The Asparagus Lunch is linked to the history the University of Heidelberg: The Heidelberger “Spargelessen” (Heidelberg Asparagus Lunch, Heidelberger Mockage) was a series of public statements of Heidelberger Corpsstudenten (independent fraternity students, student connections) directed against Adolf Hitler an the Nazi Propaganda started May 21, 1935 in Heidelberg , which accelerated the dissolution process of the student connections in the German Reich. Members of the Corps were criticizing Adolf Hitler and the national socialism. Source: Wikipedia.

By far the highest academic rate of the NSDAP-Members fell into the group of medical doctors. With this very conscious historical background of our annual asparagus lunch, the Health Captains of SUENJHAID! have the goal to show the public the shocking high degree of involvement of medical doctors in the Hitler regime, and to honor medical doctors, who at that time, as today, delineated themselves in their attitude and active action against totalitarian regimes. This is a natural and clear attitude that Health Captains want to take visibly. The founder of SUENJHAID! and numerous participants at our jour fix at the Uebersee-Club since the start of SUENJHAID! in 2003 are even themselves Heidelberg Corps Students, or members of the Order of St. John; though this transfer is authentic.

The first joint meeting point on the Island of Föhr after the arrival on the island is for coming together always on this Wednesday evening starting 8pm before Ascension Day in the “Klein Helgoland” on Föhr, near the yachts port in “Wyk auf Föhr”, approx. 300m from the ferry port:

Participants of the SUENJHAID! Symposium or Inselball on Foehr, which would like to come to “Klein Helgoland” on Wednesday evening, we ask for their early independent reservation of tables under their own name via the keyword “SUNJHAID! an RUENJHAID!” – we have been in good contact with the operators for many years.

Klein Helgoland
Achtern Diek 14
25938 Wyk auf Föhr
Tel.: 04681-7471673