Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet, MD. MaHM

Henri Michael von Blanquet, was born 1964 in Geneva, Switzerland, and studied medicine in Heidelberg and Paris, he earned his „Dr.“ at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the Institute of Immunology of the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg and his M.D. also at the University of Heidelberg. At the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel he was qualified in a Master of Hospital Management Program.

Summary of his professional career:

Since 2016 Founder of the Institute for Sustainable Precision Medicine in Berlin and since 2017 the Founder of the PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE, Senior Medical Advisor of Orphoz GmbH & Co. KG in Berlin, a McKinsey Company, former Medical Director Business Development (EMEA) of Molecular Health GmbH, Heidelberg & Berlin; previously Assistant to the CEO of Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, M & A Manager for the Marseille-Kliniken AG for the CEO and over 10 years professional experience in strategic and operative hospital management consulting, e.g. the Alerion Group (CH), Planungsgruppe M+M AG and Lohfert & Lohfert AG. Since 2002 Founder and Chairman of SUENJHAID! Since 2011 President of the non-for-profit organization RUNJHAID! The Friends of the North Frisian Seafarers Island Foehr and Amrum.

Profit with Non-Profit:

SUENJHAID! was founded in 2002 by Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet.

After his first visit in 1990 on the North Frisian Sailors Island Foehr he was directly excited about the intergenerational history and the egalitarian and simultaneously elitist effect of the historic „Foehr Captain Schools“, stimulated by intensive private family discussions on the Island of Foehr. Dr. von Blanquet decided in 2002 to establish SUENJHAID! and to start the active transfer of the non-for-profit principle of precisely these historic Foehr Navigation Schools of the 16th – 18th century on the field of Health Sciences so that the first symposium on the Island of Foehr could take place in 2003:

„The future starts with respecting the historical roots, with sustainability and the combination of „profit with non-profit“ as a cross-generational model. Only what is at the start a longterm generationally non-for-profit initiative will be sustainable and valuable“ (Dr. Henri M. von Blanquet on Ascension Day 2003 in his opening speech of the 1st SUENJHAID! Symposium on Foehr.

Since then he sees himself as a medical doctor in the tradition of the school of the Hippocrates on the Island Cos committed to SUENJHAID! as a „Club of Cos“, together with a growing number of allies and partners, the goal is to built an International Leadership Academy of Health Sciences on the Island of Foehr for the subsequent generations of leaders in Health Sciences to come. In addition, he personally aims at the longterm transfer of SUENJHAID! towards a international non-profit foundation as a sustainable and independent institution without self-interests.

Dr. von Blanquet has been living in Berlin since 2012 together with his life partner, the artist Sunna Bohlen ( from California. In line with the traditional Berlin salon culture, „Micha & Sunna“ open their Living Gallery in „Mitte“ not only for Health Capiters, Health Trustees and Health Entrepreneurs to combine „Profit with Non-Profit“. Blanquet is the father of two children for whom he is also taking the challenge of building „SUENJHAID! to RUENJHAID!“ as an orientation- an value-based leadership-platform for our upcoming next generations.