Honored Health Captains, dear Concerned Citizens and dear Ferings,

The concern of SUENJHAID! is to discuss the medicine and health sciences business holistically, multiprofessional and intersectoral within the globally converging markets of health care in the overcrossing of molecularbiology, nanotechnology and information technology. Medicine ethics places people at the center of a healthcare and not the profit. The driving spirit for active and emerging Health Captains could therefore be: “It is often more profitable to start, without thinking about possible gains in a scientific task, than looking for something that can bring profit. Targeted research could be remarkably unproductive. Real results are achieved partly by fortunate coincidence and partly by scientific work, which arouses the interest of other scientists.”

This worldly wisdom is one of the central guiding principles for our Think Tank. SUENJHAID! tries to find leading figures, orientational personalities, business ideas and „silo free“ corporate cultures, which can be role models for active and becoming Health Captains. A sustainable structural change, which is the core task of the multiprofessional and multistakeholder think tank and friends’ circle of the private initiative SUENJHAID! The Health Captains.

We are looking for soustainable leadership in health sciences which act as responsible value-based leaders and who are able to provide significant impulses and future visions as Health Captains (Leadership), Health Trustees (Philanthropy) and Health Entrepreneurs (Sustainability) and in many other multiprofessional functions within a „silo free“ health care sector.

The SUENJHAID! – wanted poster is:

We are looking for “Dynamic entrepreneurs“, Health Sciences Pioneers, New Technology Inventors and Company Inventors and for basic health sciences research support by value-based entrepreneuership.