The Health Captains are the founding format of SÜNJHAID! with a focus on value-based Leadership – since 2003 the Think Tank, Symposium and the brain pools of the “Health Captains” have been taking place on the Ascension Day every year on the North Frisian Seafaring Island of Föhr – first thinking, then acting – SÜNJHAID! is always a possible combination of think tank and authentic short vacation on the island of Föhr according to our motto: “RHÜM HAART, KLAR KIMMING” (Fering: “A big open heart and a clear horizon”). As a Concerned Citiziens in health care, we feel committed to this motto of the North Frisian Islands from Föhr. As people and as responsible persons, we look beyond the professional horizon – because responsibility for health is a task for society as a whole!

On Föhr Island we supplement this spiritual nucleus to insular commitment and cheerfulness and the experience of being able to share with friends – “SÜNJHAID! The Health Captains: Partners, Family, Friends and Collegues are always welcome – since 2003 “: Wadding, riding, golfing, sailing, surfing, cycling, moving: participating in SÜNJHAID! on the health island Föhr is always a family experience with a high emotional anchorage. Our goal is for all participating health captains from Föhr Island to return to their work places charged with an authentic “wellbeing experience” and in this sense the leadership compass from SÜNJHAID! internalize and disseminate.

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