Wednesday before Ascension Day at 1 p.m.

It has been a tradition for many years now when we started with SÜNJHAID! The Health Captains in 2003: 

The asparagus lunch for Health Captains and Guests with a Lunch Keynote Speaker in “Der Übersee-Club e.V.” on the Hamburg Inner Alster, always by personal invitation on Wednesday before Ascension Day at 1 p.m., always directly before the SÜNJHAID! Symposium on Ascension Day (DO-SO) on Foehr Island. 



The asparagus meal is a jour fix and meeting point for the MEDICINALE.CLUB also named “The Health Captains Club” and especially for SÜNJHAID! Participants from home and abroad, after landing at Hamburg Airport, on the way to Föhr. The asparagus meal is also one of the first contacts to SÜNJHAID! for many guests and starting point for numerous carpooling to Dagebüll Mole, the ferry port to Föhr and Amrum Island. The asparagus meal on personal invitation is limited to 44 participants due to the limited capacity of the Übersee-Club. Please give us a hint if we haven’t asked you to join. History of the Übersee-Club:

Background to the Asparagus Lunch in the Übersee-Club: 

The Asparagus Lunch ties in with the history of Heidelberg asparagus eating: The Heidelberg Asparagus Meeting (also: Heidelberg Asparagus Affair, Heidelberg Mockage) was a series of public statements by Heidelberg Corps students directed against Adolf Hitler from May 21, 1935 in Heidelberg , which accelerated the process of dissolving student ties in the Nazi German Reich. Corps members criticized Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Source: Wikipedia.

By far the highest number of academics among NSDAP members fell on the group of doctors. With this very conscious historical reference to our annual asparagus meal, the health captains of SÜNJHAID! point out the high level of involvement of medicine in the Hitler regime and honor medical professionals who, then as now, differentiate themselves from totalitarian regimes in their attitudes and their active activities. This is a natural and clear attitude that health captains want to adopt visibly. The founder of SÜNJHAID! and numerous participants in the asparagus meals to date are Heidelberg Corps students themselves, so this transfer is authentic.

The first common meeting point of the Health Captains on Föhr Island for the come together, always on Wednesday evening before Ascension Day, is afterwards in the “Klein Helgoland on Föhr” at the Klönsnacktresen at Föhr Island, at the yacht harbor in Wyk auf Föhr, approx. 300m from the ferry port: Participants in the SÜNJHAID! Symposium, who would like to come to the “Klein Helgoland auf Föhr” on Wednesday evening, are kindly asked to reserve seats in their own name in advance under the keyword “SÜNJHAID! to RÜNJHAID! “- we have been in good contact with the operators for many years. 

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