THE HEALTH TRUSTEES! are a sustainability initiative for the digital and molecular transformation of medicine to precision medicine at the interface between profit & non-profit & health sciences – start-up entrepreneurs and investors are equally addressed by this forum.

THE HEALTH TRUSTEES! are a multi-professional, multi-stakeholder think tank and forum with a start-up slam in Berlin in association with the HOPPEGARTEN HEALTH PANEL and the subsequent family race day of the health industry on the traditional Hoppegarten race track – races since 1868 – 

The aim of this Family and Health Race Day in HOPPEGARTEN is to show respect towards the well over 300,000 employees in Berlin & Brandenburg in the Health Sciences Business Sector and to thank their families and the players in the health care industry for their commitment to the benefit of the patient  in front of about 10,000  spectators. 

This Health Race Day in HOPPEGARTEN is dedicated in togetherness to these 5.2 million people working in Healthcare in Germany out of thanks and appreciation. 

This Platform of HEALTH TRUSTESS! feels exclusively committed to the benefit of the patient, which is why it bears the subtitle “INNOVATIONS FOR PATIENT BENEFIT” – innovations that measurably improve the outcome for the patient should be introduced more quickly into clinics and practices through our sustainability initiative, especially with the help of Health Foundations. Therefore we try to promote this process with the integrated Start-Up-Slam in this forum as an incubator and therefore in transdisciplinary togetherness from investors to start-up entrepreneurs and us HEALTH TRUSTEES! lead to patient benefit. 

The Initiators of the Health Racing Day: Gerhard Schöningh, Andreas Neue, Dietrich von Mutius, Peter McNeile, Tini Countess Rothkirch, Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet, Prof. Axel Ekkernkamp, Dr. Georg Ralle, Alois Steidel, Andreas Zowislo, Claudia Dirks, Rainer Herzog, Dr. Thomas Hopfe, Lutz Hammerschlag, Dr. Rolf Porsche, PD Dr. Sören Eichhorst, Cord Meyer, Karl Miserok and many others who contributed to the Health Racing Day.

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