The Philosophy of the HEALTH TRUSTEES

The HEALTH TRUSTEES are a forum that actively point to positive examples of the successful interaction of “profit” (health sciences and healthcare industry) with “non-profit” (health foundations, health sciences institutions, NGOs, non-profit hospital sector, aid organizations such as the Red Cross, Order of St. John, Order of Malte, Sea Rescue Organizations etc.) on our Platform. “SÜNJHAID! The Health Trustees” itself tries to be such an active example of this beneficial alliance of “profit with non-profit” for patient benefit.

Leadership in Philanthropy

Philanthropic Intelligence: Motivate others to work collaboratively to do great things

The definition of leadership also included the intent to ‘do great things’. Don’t philanthropists need to be as daring and committed to doing ‘great things’ as the visionary community leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs we showcase and support? Doing great things doesn’t mean a vision to singlehandedly change the entire world with your endowment. Doing ‘great things’ starts with an honest assessment of how your money, and perhaps your knowledge and networks, can make the most difference for your causes in Health Sciences.


The Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (DGzRS) or German Maritime Search and Rescue Association, is one of the most modern sea rescue services in the world and they are the Benefiz Partners of SÜNJHAID! The Health Captains and RÜNJHAID! Circle of Friends of the North Frisian Sea Islands, the Island of Kos and the MEDICINALE e.V.

GOAL is that the spirit and leadership of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association founded in 1860 is transferred to those responsible in the healthcare industry. 

The German Maritime Search and Rescue Association founded over 150 years ago in Kiel are role models for SÜNJHAID! The Health Captains and Health Trustees – LEADERSHIP AND INNOVATIONS FOR PATIENTS benefit:

In particular, the performance of a sovereign task without any state support is a role-model for us to set up an International non-for-profit Leadership Academy for the health industry, health sciences and medicine on the old seafaring island of Föhr. Therefore SÜNJHAID! The Health Captains and RÜNJHAID! & MEDICINALE e.V. – – and the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association – DGzRS e.V. – – at the place where the DGzRS was founded in Kiel in the traditional Kaisersaal of the Kiel Yacht Club – – an annual HEALTH CAPTAIN`s and HEALTH TRUSTEES’s dinner to promote Leadership and Innovations for the Patients benefit after the summer break before the start of the autumn vacation as a benefiz dinner to actively support the work of the DGzRS.

Our goal is to ensure that leading personalities and institutions from the healthcare industry are synapsing sustainably with DGzRS e.V. and that the sea rescuers are connected to networks in health sciences, the decision maker and the clinical and scientific institutions for maritime medicine and telemedicine etc. can use for their own benefit.

In the German Healthcare Industry alone we spend approx. 1 Billion Euro every day – this should stimulate thinking about how the work of the DGzRS can be supported by the healthcare industry.


The motivation of SÜNJHAID!:

1. Strive for the role model and leadership of the sea rescuers themselves.

2. Promote “Profit with Non-Profit” to penetrate this business model and strategy into the healthcare industry.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (DGzRS)

Kieler Woche: Sailing the World

Transatlantic Bridging: Kiel & San Francisco


The “SAN FRANCISCO – KIEL SISTER CITY COMMITTEE” connect people and organizations through economics, academia, technology and culture. Our goal is to share knowledge and experience between the sister cities San Francisco and Kiel, Germany. We support and encourage the development of partnerships and networking that will increase cross cultural dialogue and understanding. 

Kiel, known as the Sailing Cityis Germany’s gateway to the Baltic and the capital of its northernmost state, Schleswig-Holstein. It is also the largest cruise ship port in Germany and well known for its vibrant student scene and laid-back lifestyle. 

In Germany our Sister partner organization is The Bay Areas, with whom we work closely to organize transatlantic events and exchanges.

What's the Profit in Nonprofits?

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