RE-MEASURING HEALTH SCIENCES BUSINESS – Navigating Medicine 4.0: The entire future for scalable and value-oriented sustainable medicine is international, because in the future only internationally scalable solutions can be used – the molecular and digital transformation of medicine contributes to a precise, individualized and scalable coordination system for the medical navigation of patients, but also already create for disease prevention. The molecular diagnoses, which can serve as precise digital anchor points for all existing digitized medical information in humans because they individually represent the most precise navigable anchor point for patient data, have the ability to create a global “patient-centered health navigation system” in the future. This could be the “Google Maps System of Medicine”: 

The human GPS navigation system: Precision Medicine is based on the same technological principle as e.g. Google Maps as the most widely used Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS): The geographic information systems (GIS) such as Google Maps, which provide a multi-layered approach of superimposed database systems for the evaluation and visualization of data worldwide, such as a location via satellite with street names, sights and real-time traffic data superimposed on the smartphone screen To be shown merged into just one visual view that is understandable to the user, the best illustrative examples are to present the basic idea and the technology for a navigation system of medicine in a manner that is generally understandable. The example of the “Navigation-System for Medicine” is the basic database architecture for sustainable precision medicine.

With the multilayered virtual views in GoogleMaps, depending on the individual query and evaluation, you already have the feeling e.g. to be physically on site in the case of Streetview. While Google digitized our globe and thus created a GIS for the earth, it is now possible to digitize a person in a similar way. A “GoogleMedMap system for people” is no longer far away. In its basic structure, Precison Medicine consists of several database levels that can be interconnected for evaluations (Fig. 1), which can now be set up and analyzed for each individual. This includes data from biosensors, scanners, electronic medical records, social media data, and the various “omics”, which include the DNA sequence include, the transcriptome, the proteome, the metabolome, the epigenome, the microbiome and exposome (data collection on the authentic environment in which the individual moves in his living environment) and other medical data sources, such as e.g. the multi-layered biomedical world knowledge.





Fig. 1: Comparable to GPS & GPI, the basic structure of Precison Medicine as a basic innovation consists of several database levels that can be interconnected for evaluations, which can now be built up and analyzed for each individual from a knowledge network or information commons in order to achieve the best possible individual therapy identify precisely. The anchor point of this medical navigation are the molecular database levels. Source: “Towards Precision Medicine”, National Academy of Sciences (USA)


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