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SUENJHAID! The Health Captains – Navigating Medicine 4.0 – founded 2002


Dear Health Captains, dear Friends of SUENJHAID!, dear Ferings and dear Concerned Citizens,

SUENJHAID! means on fering, the local language of the Seafaring island of foehr: HEALTH! – that is the core of our multiprofessional, multisectoral and multi-stakeholder „silo-free“ Leadership- Think-Tank and Circle of Friends on the structural change of the global „super-convergence market“ Health Sciences Business.

HEALTH! is a responsibility of society as a whole – according to futurologist Leo A. Nefiodow, health is becoming a driving force for the economy. indicators suggest that the sixth long cycle – „The Sixth Kondratieff“ – will be health in a holistic sense – physical, mental, spiritual, envi- ronmental & social – „this new health“ will be the bearer of a long period of prosperity in the 21st century and is powered by the new molecular and digital technologies in medicine:

The driving force of our Think-Tank and Network is therefore to navigate this „molecular-digi- tal revolution of medicine“. implementation of „Precision Medicine“ & „regenerative Medicine“ in the sense of the „digital & molecular super-convergence in medicine“ towards value-based healthcare and in this sense to start the working continium of „bench to bedside & bedside to bench & to citizens“: SUENJHAID! is remeasureing the health sciences business towards the de- mocratisation of medicine:

in 2002 i started SueNjHaiD! on the North frisian Seafaring island foehr after the historic examp- le of the non-profit-navigation-schools of the 16th to 18th century on this Island, with an output of more than 2200 captains with the SUENJHAID!-Vision of an future „International Leadership Academy for Health Captains“ for Value-based Healthcare based on the old seafaring island Foehr. The supporting association of „SUENJHAID.ORG“ is the non-for-profit organization „RUENJHAID.ORG“- RUENJHAID! in fering means „roundness“ and WEALTH! –

On Saturday after Ascension Day we celebrate for all Health Captains, Speakers and especially for our partners with all children, teenagers and friends together the Island Ball as an informal fa- mily party on the Green Family Island of Foehr (0-99 years) to actively transport to our circles that health remains a „responsibility for the entire society“. our goal is to contribute to a tipping Point for the development of a modern „patient-centered navigation device for health“ – Partners, Family & Friends are welcome – since 2003 – our perspective is 360 degrees: More details of the program online: – informations also on Facebook, Twitter  and LinkedIn; please like and follow us. Thank you very much!

2018 SUENJHAID celebrates! its 15th anniversary – all future for medicine and for patients is international – that‘s now how „SUENJHAID! Die Gesundheitskapitäne“ are transforming 2018 to „SUENJHAID! The Health Captains“: Partners, Family & Friends are always welcome – since 2003: We can accommodate 150 participants, which corresponds to the Dunbar-Number and our focus on achieving a Tipping Point together:


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“The general promotion of the establishment of an international reference library on the island of Föhr, reflecting the contents of the association’s purposes and the preamble of the association, and a multilingual internet presence for the download of digitalised writings reflecting the association’s purposes, for the general promotion of popular education.” Source: Statute Paragraph 2 Goals and Tasks of the Association.

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