There will be no substitute for meeting in person

 In the #NewNormal times after #COVID19 THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB wants to facilitate sustainable togetherness. The THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB has no focus to built or run its own conference system. Instead and because of the enormous number of events we try to navigate us together with our alliance partners through this jungle. Therefore we implement an Conference Track System and if you are missing an impactful conference you are welcome to give us your additional input anytime – because of the COVID19-Crisis we see now converging traditionell conference platforms synchronizing with the new digital formats as hybrid-systems. We want to take part in this development for our SÜNJHAID!-Partzipants, our Speakers and our Members and Partners to built an strong alliance system for sustainable “Smart Health 4.0”:
  • Track 1: Global Conferences
  • Track 2: European Conferences
  • Track 3: National Conferences
  • Track 4: New (New Talents, New Science,  New Start-Up`s, New Solutions and Innovations)
  • Track 5: Showcase Events

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB follows the tradition of SÜNJHAID! Think-Tank and Network for the Future of Health Sciences – established in 2003 on Föhr Island in the North Sea at Germanys West-Coast as “Club of Cos”. We keep this established Culture up and you are invited to take part in our Symposium-, Think-Tank- and Brainpool-Culture in the Structure we follow the “Social Brain Hypothesis” (Dunbar-Numbers 5 – 15 – 50 – 150 and the Tipping-Point-Number 150) – on the creative Level we try to create “The Medici Effect”:

SÜNJHAID! The Health Captains (LEADERSHIP)



The Digital Health Captains

For the working-continuum we start to establish in-between the Symposia, Think-Tank`s  as hybrid-connection digital Brainpool Meetings following the Basics of Neuroleadership and the “Social Brain Hypothesis“. The goal is to built the Community (Network) and the Ecosystem (Alliance) for SMART HOSPITALS – SMART HEALTH and SMART HEALTH SYSTEMS faster together – though you are invited to take part in this action.

In addition, we specifically organize digital Brainpools for a better exchange of goal-oriented collaboration between human and veterinary medicine for patient benefit. At the molecular level in particular, there are many similarities and overlaps. The Exchange of Results and Collaborations can accelerate the working continium “from bench to bedside and bedside to bench”.

The Focus of THE DIGITAL HEALTH CAPTAINS: Navigating Medicine 4.0 – we live in THE AGE OF NAVIGATION.

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