The SÜNJHAID! Brainpools are to be understood as the permanent sustainable and interdisciplinary, solution-oriented synaptic interconnection of our “Networks for Health Sciences” as a think-tank and working continum for larger subject areas and areas of tension.

The establishment of the brain pools is based on the basic idea of Sünjhaid !, that health is a task for society as a whole. The focus of this effort is not the publication of implementation-oriented explanations, but the insight that the structural change in the global convergence market of healthcare must be an ongoing and continuous process – creating facts in small strategic steps and triggering a TIPPING POINT is better than just the visionary food for thought alone . The permanent active intellectual examination of change is the real offer. The goal is the implementation orientation in one’s own professional / entrepreneurial and personal environment: Brainpools as joint intellectual work on oneself for society.


Sünjhaid!Leadership-Brainpool: Leadership, corporate culture and corporate citizenship in the healthcare industry – Health Dynasties and Family-Entrepreneurship as the long-term pillars of structural change?

Sünjhaid!Solidarity-Brainpool:  Diaconal Healthcare and Private Healthcare Providers versus economic reality

Sünjhaid!Iatrogenesis-Brainpool: “Established medicine has become a serious health hazard. The debilitating effects of professional control over health care are now reaching the proportions of an epidemic. The name of this new epidemic is Iatrogenesis, derived from iatros, the Greek word for doctor, and genesis, origin “: Clinical Iatrogenesis, Social Iatrogenesis and Cultural Iatrogenesis – Ivan Illich 1975 in” Nemesis of Medicine – The Critique of the Medicalization of Life “.

Sünjhaid!The-Art-of-Living-Brainpool: Small cultural summit on health, philosophy and lifestyle – the Lohas are coming (“Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability” – The net message on Föhr is: “Sünjhaid! An Rünjhaid! (Health and roundness (wealth on Fering) –; Source:” GREENOMICS – How the green lifestyle is changing markets and consumers. Redline Economy 2008 “.

Sünjhaid!Impulses-Brainpool: Impulses for the structural change in the health system come from »health entrepreneurs« aldization versus mobilization of health careIndustrialization of health careFinancing problems and creeping rationing.

Sünjhaid!Hanse-of-Health-Brainpool: The Hanse of Healthcare and Health Sciences Business –

Other subject areas are of course welcome and necessary – the prerequisite is not to describe the problem area, but rather to set up and assemble and implement the brain pool on the Sünjhaid platform! actively control yourself. We kindly ask you to send suggestions with a procedural concept and a list of participants in writing to the specified contact address or by email to

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