Sünjhaid!’s ecumenical pulpit follows the example that Pastor Richardus Petri, (1620 to 1678 pastor of St. Laurentii auf Föhr) gave with his private initiative to teach the young crew free navigation at the time, provided that the captains and commanders later did it themselves for young seafarers. This resulted in the private “Föhrer Navigation Schools”, which have been a successful model over a number of seafaring periods. Richardus Petri gave the island of Föhr an identity as a seafaring island for generations. The intellectual and economic elite of this thriving seafaring society naturally invested in the development of their offspring.

The Hippocratic oath of medical doctors prescribes an identical cross-generational training principle. Sünjhaid! is based on the Greek Island of COS and that of Hippocrates 500 BC. BC founded “Medical School of Cos“.

Sünjhaid! is a “Club of Cos”, which has chosen the North Frisian island of Föhr as its starting point and home port. Hippocrates is considered the “father of medicine”. SÜNJHAID! would therefore like to follow the successful example of the “Föhrer captain schools” through appropriate private initiative for the long-term development of new “health captains” – the emerging structures of a European convergence market of the health industry also requires multi-professional and multilingual trained doctors and “health managers” with a culture around the management levels , Philosophy and medical history significantly broadened horizons, which is not only triggered by the idea of profit.SÜNJHAID! therefore tries to find leading figures, orientations, business ideas and corporate cultures that can set standards for future “health captains”. From the island of Föhr, SÜNJHAID! an impulse for the “Sixth Kondratiev” formulated by Leo A. Nefiodow. If we deal with the structural change in the healthcare system today and in the future, then always in the awareness that this is a task for society as a whole that every generation has to face again.

Sünjhaid! Invite yourself humble to go under the roof of the church and the vitality of Sünjhaid’s attitude! strengthen in faith. The first doctor’s office took place in 2005 in the Friesendom. The sermon was given by Pastor Dr. Hartwig von Schubert. In 2007 Pastor Holger Asmussen, the main Pastor of the Friesendome, preached.

Anyone who cares about health is very welcome to attend the doctor’s office. The beginning is always Ascension Day at 6 p.m. in the Friesendom to Nieblum auf Föhr / North Frisia – www.friesendom.de -. signed Dr. med. Henri Michael von Blanquet, founder of SÜNJHAID!

The Friesendom - Föhr Island

St. Laurentii - Föhr Island

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