The MEDICINALE.CLUB (als named “THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB”) Membership Target Groups:
  • Leadership and multi-professional Experts in Health Sciences;
  • Start-Up & Health Entrepreneurs and Investors; 
  • Philanthropes
  • Scientific and Medical Institutions
  • Foundations
  • Actors and decision-makers in medicine, nursing, management in corporate management and all and areas of responsibility of hospital operations; 
  • Decision-makers and designers in politics, self-administration, health insurance companies and the health industry; 
  • Hospital planners, hospital builders, architects, specialist planners; Business consultants in the hospital sector;
  • Consultants, Lawyers, Tax Consultants, Auditors, Merger & Akquisition Experts
  • Lecturers and students of medicine, health sciences, biochemistry, molecularbiology, bioinformatics, information technology, physics, nursing, psychology and other health professions as well as health economics, public health;
  • Actors and Minds in Ethics and Philosophy
  • Employees, partners, networkers; 
  • Referrers, patients, interested laypersons; interested public, specialist journalists;
  • Patients, patient organizations, advocacy groups
  • Concerend Citizens
  • Scientific Citizens
  • Creative and Intellectual Minds and Artists
  • Civil Society


With #COVID19 the world of medicine has to change globally.

Welcome on Board – join the MEDICINALE.Club as Member to navigate HEALTH 4.0 together:

“HEALTH IS A RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ENTIRE SOCIETY – TOGETHER FIRST. In Europe and beyond. Leadership towards Medicine 4.0”

The Transformation of Medicine & Care, Health Sciences and the Health Industry towards “value-based Healthcare” is based by the “SuperConvergence” of Innovations – the MEDICINALE.Club is building the multi- professional, multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder “silo-free” membership-platform to synchronize medicine, care, science, technology, industry, politics, culture, ethics, national economics and society to create the value-based framework and network for HEALTH 4.0 together – MEDICINALE.Club is opening the horizon by “scaling” smart and creative minds to act together.

The leading term SuperConvergence was first developed by Eric Topol in his book: “The Creative Destruction of Medicine — How the digital revolution will create better healthcare” (2013):

Since publishing the “SuperConvergence” the power of innovation is accelerating and the 360-degree horizon of innovations is growing:

  • Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Microbiomics, Epigenomics
  • Pharmagenomics and “in-silico” Medicine
  • Global Human Cell Atlas based on Single-Cell Sequencing
  • Precision Medicine & Precision Science
  • Biomarkers and Biochips
  • Digital Imaging
  • Digital Information and Knowledge Systems
  • Wireless Sensors
  • Mobile Connectivity (5G) & Wireless Communication Technologies
  • GPS in Healthcare
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Social Media Networks
  • Increasing performance of Computers and Smartphones
  • Wearable Computing and Communication
  • Increasing performance of databases for Big and Smart Data
  • BIG DATA and Analytics
  • Cloud and Mobile Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Privacy and Data Ethics
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Health Apps
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Smart Implants
  • Breakthrough Materials
  • 3D-Printing and Bioprinting
  • Robotics
  • Cyborgs
  • Exoskeleton
  • Smart Glasses
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Nanomedicine
  • Telehealth
  • Medical Drones
  • Smart Education
  • Smart Hospital
  • Future Living
  • Healthy Aging and Longevity

Together, the HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB, will create the transdisciplinary value-framework for Medicine 4.0 – also the Club can build the #LeadershipCompass for the acceleration of the implementation on the bedside to support the convergence-scaling of new scientific results, solutions, prototypes and products:

All stakeholders and all societies need an scaleable working continium towards Precision Medicine and Precision Science:

“from bench to bedside and bedside to bench and society”

As Member of the HEALTHCAPTAINS.Club you are at the forefront of HEALTH 4.0 – our goal is to connect all stakeholders to our value-based platform and establish HEALTH 4.0 together in the clinical and preventive medical world for an optimal outcome for each individual patient and a sustainable performance of our healthcare systems.

Let’s focus on sustainability, solidarity, humanity, ethics, performance of medicine together.

Let´s navigate and lead this change together. It is our responsibility together.

The Future of Medicine and Healthcare is international – therefore the value-systems of our societies have to be synchronized towards HEALTH 4.0 and solutions have to be scalled standardized with integrity globally – the power of the scale of economics and digitalization will transform our health systems towards sustainability and Precision Prevention and Healthy Aging.

Please support our Vision & Mission as Club-Member and Trustee.

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