Our todays virtual Library is the starting point for a real Library of the “SÜNJHAID! Leadership Academy for 360-Degree Health Sciences Leaders” on Föhr Island.

Philosophy: Library means home – for us the home of the spirit of SÜNJHAID!.

Therefore, building one is the horizon of SÜNJHAID! representative reference library with preservation knowledge as a localized library and center of an international management academy for health management on Föhr one of the central concerns of SÜNJHAID! in order to continuously deal with “health” as a whole by visiting the island of Föhr outside of the “future health care workshop” “On the days to enable Ascension Day – quasi as the year-round“ Club of Cos ”on the island of Föhr and to get closer to the goal of establishing an international leadership academy on Föhr.

The SÜNJHAID! Canon creates the necessary horizon and basis for the ongoing common discourse and supplements the food for thought of our speakers.

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