Create „Health & Wealth“ together!

Together we want to establish transatlantic bridging and cultivation for INVEST IN HEALTH to bring more value-based Health Sciences Innovations faster to the bedside fueling the transformation towards „Value-based Healthcare“:

1. Investment Opportunity

Healthcare is the largest market in the world continuously growing due to aging humanity. In industrial societies healthcare is not only medical treatment but also a way of life. Developing countries are catching up to meet western standards. The availability of modern medical treatments are a key indicator of the wealth and sophistication of a society. Today healthcare is facing new challenges. On the one hand medical treatments have to be cost effective to meet the patients or health care systems budget constraints and on the other hand it has to be innovative to cure worldwide diseases as cancer or Alzheimer.  Analog to the information age in the past decades we are at the forefront of a new era the age of precision medicine. These new personalized therapies are driving innovation for entrepreneurs that are developing more effective therapies that will improve the health of our society. Invest in Health offers not only financial returns but also gives the investor a positive recognition. Innovation in healthcare needs financial support.

2. Investment Challenges

Healthcare is a highly regulated market with complex structures. This makes it difficult for outside investors to judge the potential success of an investment opportunity. New treatments and therapies offer high returns but can be very expensive and risky. Understanding the key success factors of an innovation in healthcare is key. Outside investors often lack this understanding and are dependent on the judgement of industry experts. What is the value of an innovation? Are the underlying assumptions of the business model valid? Are the products and services sustainable? Innovation also impacts existing business models that are facing fundamental changes in their value chain. Investors need to understand the dynamics before investing. How will the value chain change over time? Is the company prepared for change? How successful will the company be in the future?


SUENJHAID! offers the society the cultivation of health investors and value-based health entrepreneurs as multiprofessional, multisectoral and multi-stakeholder non-for-profit Think-Tank:
– navigation to molecularistaion & digitalization of medicine
– multi professional and multistakeholder strategic network
– direction by our compass = think-tank
– ressources and relationship execution
Analogy to a ship expedition …. come on board and create: „SUENJHAID! an RUENJHAID!:

Create „Health & Wealth“ together!

“RÜM HART, KLAAR KIMMING“ – this “Motto” of “A large open heart and clear horizon” of the Islander of Föhr we feel as Concerned Citizens strongly committed to design a sustainable value-based transatlantic Invest in Health System together. As people and as leaders, we look beyond the horizon of experts towards leadership.

The commitment to value-based Health Sciences Business is a task of the entire society!