Entrepreneurship for soustainable Medicine 4.0

The focus of SÜNJHAID! The Health Entrepreneurs is committed to the cultivation and activation of sustainable entrepreneurship in the healthcare industry that is oriented towards patient benefit: Think-Tank and Network for the Future of Value-based Health Sciences Entrepreneurship.

Sustainable healthcare entrepreneurship: from the desire to be a healthcare entrepreneur … call for action –

Dynamic Entrepreneurs“, “Pioneering Entrepreneurs“, and from Science Excellence towards Start-Up-Excellence: Innovation Entrepreneurs” and “Platform- and Alliance-System Entrepreneurs“. 

Academic definition: Entrepreneurship refers on the one hand to the exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as the creative and creative part in the entrepreneurial process, or a phase of active entrepreneurial change, and on the other hand to a scientific sub-discipline in business administration. The associated start-up research presents itself as an interdisciplinary research area.


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