SÜNJHAID! Thinking and Networking for the Future of value-based Health Sciences Business

SÜNJHAID! stands as the “Captain’s School of the Health Industry and for Health Sciences Leadership” and the “Think-Tank for HEALTH 4.0” since 2003:

1. for the development and implementation of an international navigation system for molecular digital medicine 4.0 – “Navigating Health and Medicine with your Smartphone: The Patient will be the CEO of his Health” (Dr. HM v. Blanquet, Chairman of SÜNJHAID!) and

2. the establishment and operation of an “International non-for-profit Leadership Academy” for medicine, the associated health sciences and the health economy on the North Frisian Sea Island of Föhr” and

3. Based on the leadership of the polar researcher Sheckelton, building and operating a “SÜNJHAID! Library for Health Captains, Health Donors and Health Entrepreneurs and Concerned and Scientific Citizens” as a spiritual source and home for our think tank:

As a leadership method, Ernest Henry Sheckelton specifically “administered” spiritual food to his team at sea. For this he carried a small ship library on board with him. SÜNJHAID! builds on this historical model his own book canon for Health Captains (Leadership), Health Company Founders (Philanthropy) and Health Entrepreneurs (Sustainable value-based Health Entrepreneurship) in a virtual Library which, according to the founding vision, is to become a reality in Föhr as a foundation library. Central Books as a “spiritual home port” for the work of SÜNJHAID! are for example – (we recommend reading these before and after participating in SÜNJHAID! and rethinking them in the context of our think tank, because thinking is acting):

  • Ivan Illich „Die Nemesis der Medizin: Die Kritik der Medikalisierung des Lebens“

  • Leo A. Nefiodow „Der sechste Kondratieff. Die neue lange Welle der Weltwirtschaft“

  • Christian E. Elger „Neuroleadership: Erkenntnisse der Hirnforschung für die Führung von Mitarbeitern“

  • Robin Dunbar „How many friends does one person need?: Dunbar`s Number and other Evolutionary Quirks“

  • Malcom Gladwell „The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference“

  • Frans Johansson „The Medici Effect: What Elephants and Epidemics can teach us about Innovation”

  • Ulrich Weinberg „Network Thinking. Was kommt nach dem Brockhaus-Denken?“

  • Nikos Mourkogiannis et al. „Der Auftrag: Was großartige Unternehmen antreibt“

  • Margot Morrell et al., „Shacketons Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antartic Explorer”

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