Driving Forces for SÜNJHAID! Think-Tank and Network for the Future of Health Sciences:

SÜNJHAID! implement the health sciences business association purposes of “RÜNJHAID! Circle of Friends of the North Frisian Seafaring Islands Föhr, Amrum, Sylt and Halligen, Kos Island and of the MEDICINALE e.V.“:

1. The promotion of the transfer of the tradition and the principle of the Captain Schools of the seafaring island of Föhr, founded by Pastor Richardus Petri in the 17th century, to new areas of education, in particular towards health sciences and the health sciences business, and the linking of this tradition with events on Föhr Island and beyond.

2. The general promotion of the art of healing and a sustainable health economy on the island of Föhr, Amrum, Sylt and the Halligen as exemplary natural islands for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the World Heritage Wadden Sea.

3. The general promotion of general popular education in sustainable Health 4.0

and the Vision & Mission and Values of SÜNJHAID! result in an ORDER:

Basis of the Order from SÜNJHAID! is the philosophy of the renowned leadership thought leader Nikos Mourkogiannis, as he laid down in 2006 in his book “Purpurse. The Starting Point of Great Companies“. The German translation was published in 2008 under the title “Der Auftrag“.

The order from SÜNJHAID!

1. The promotion of sustainable “patient benefit” by the acting healthcare industry, in the same sense as the patient benefit of Dr. med. Clemens Guth, MBA and Prof. Michael E. Porter, Harvard University in their book “Opportunities for the German Health System: From Particular Interests to More Patient Benefit” 2012 was defined as the central goal orientation for SÜNJHAID! The health captains. The Original Book of Poster et al. was released in 2006. Since this publication we follow the execution of the principles of Value-based Healthcare.

2.Sünjhaid! has aluminum and mentoring functions. SÜNJHAID!’s multi-professional and cross-generational network has the task of attracting young people to multi-professional training and employment in the healthcare industry. Since 2012, “SÜNJHAID! The Health Captains” has been serving as an alumni platform of the “Hospital Management” Master Program at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel (MaHM). For “Young Health Sciences Business Professionals” The Health Captains of Sünjhaid! act as mentors. It is crucial to convey a broad horizon and a cross-sector view of the healthcare industry. This is the motto of the North Frisian Islands from Föhr: “Rhüm Hart, Klaar Kimming”.

3. Sünjhaid! is The Captain’s School for the Health Industry and Health Sciences: The Sünjhaid! Leadership Think-Tank provides active his knowledge network to promote future Health Captains and the experience and the word of the “old” captains is required. Sünjhaid’s Mission! is to bridge on to younger generations. Sünjhaid! follows the tradition of the medical school of Hippocrates on the island of Cos and the navigation schools of Richardus Petri on the island of Föhr. Sünjhaid! stands in the tradition of these two historical models.

4. Acquisition and Integration of Family Entrepreneurs from the health care industry, medical dynasties and “Young Health Sciences Business Professionals” from these families as future Health Captains of Sünjhaid! The healthcare industry is a convergence market: supplier (medical technology, pharmaceutical industry etc.) and provider industry (e.g. hospital industry) converge. Family dynasties follow cross-generational strategies and can emerge as winners from the healthcare industry convergence market through alliances and the maintenance of binding, transparent personal relationships with one another. Sünjhaid! has an incubator function for this.

5. Establishment and operation of an international Sünjhaid! Leadership Academy for sustainable Health Sciences Management by the Health Captains of Sünjhaid! according to the national model of the Baden-Baden entrepreneur talks – www.BBUG.de.

6. Establishment and operation of a Sünjhaid! Library for conservation knowledge on Föhr. The starting point is the virtual Sünjhaid! Canon that has already been created here. Books are looking for godparents.

7. “Sünjhaid! to Rünjhaid!” – The Health & Wealth Symposium on Föhr Island – always starting on Ascension Day (THU, FR, SA, SO) –  Partners, Family, Friends & Colleagues are welcome – since 2003:

8. The order of the participants from Sünjhaid! Outstanding “Health Captains” must be identified and recognized by the Sünjhaid! Award to the public in order to incite further and especially “Young Health Sciences Business Professionals” to follow the example of these orientation personalities.

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